What is this "Josh Fuller Show"?

     Singer/songwriter Josh Fuller in his never ending quest to expand his brand has created a fun Texas regional based talk show.  Josh has performed with many big acts and upcoming acts on many stages over the last 15+ years. He is bringing those experiences and friendships to the airwaves in a fun, energetic free flowing show that resembles more of a green room hangout than your typical radio "interview".  Josh likes to take his guests deep into the weeds and talk about things that aren't just common knowledge or cliche interview questions. They relax on the, soon to be famous, Blue Couch while sipping their favorite beverages and enjoying good 'ol Texas foods like BBQ and tacos. Humor, banter and storytelling are on display during this 2 hour adventure into the lives of your musical heroes and the people that make the Texas Music Scene the best musical scene anywhere!

Who's listening?

     The nature of this show allows for a very diverse demographic.  The culture of Texas music includes many genres with Blues,Bluegrass,Classic Country,Alternative Country,Texas Country,Jazz,Rock,Southern Rock,Indie,Pop,Hip-Hop,Rap etc. The average "Texas Music" fan listens to a combination of these genres and they follow their favorite artists religiously. Texas music is huge in the College scene with males and females. The loyalty they means that those college students stick with them even as they get older.  The same folks that listened to Cory Morrow 20 years ago are also following the new stars like Cody Johnson.  These fans want to consume as much information about their favorite artists as possible and if they agree with what they stand for, they will do anything to support them. The mission of this show is to bring these artists in and allow their fans to feel like they are having a one on one with these musicians in their own living room or car. The people listening to this music are full of Texas pride and Texas culture. Whataburger, BBQ, Tacos, offroading, big trucks, fast cars, pasture parties, bonfires, hunting, fishing, football and so on. This is the fun crowd, the work hard and party harder crowd. There's some who can't afford a car note and there are some who own a car dealership, this demographic is equally as diverse as the music that is, "Texas Music".

     Artists are listening too! We don't just have the stars as guests, we have the engineers, sound guys, managers, videographers and producers too! This means we have up and coming artists listening for advice, we have seasoned artists listening and supporting the folks who have produced their music and videos. We have band members talking about what gear they use, how they use it and sharing stories from the road.  We recall the nostalgia of the good 'ol days and explore what is hot today.

When and how often does this show air?

     This show is a weekly show that is broadcast live on Tuesday's from 9-11pm on KTXF-db The Reel via TuneIn. Each show is also published as a podcast on Wednesdays to Spreaker, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube and iHeart Radio. In addition episodes will also be in cue for replay on KTXF-db The Reel. 

KTXF is a Texas Sports station with many exciting sports shows like "The Peel" and "Talkin' 'Stros" and more! The roster is continuously expanding

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What does sponsorship include?

There are three sponsorship levels which offer unique opportunities for your organization or business, but remember sponsoring The Peel is also investing in the show as well as the soccer community of the Greater Houston area.


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Who do we contact for more information?

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